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Many parts of the world are wrestling with the ongoing issue of systemic racism and the people therein are wondering about how and what they can do to address and resolve the issue. Along with the commonly adopted ways like teaching kids to be anti-racist, diversifying the concepts of friendships, taking part in protests, to counter the issue of racism, people want to contribute to the cause in more ways. In the present era where we have more openness and acceptance towards the anti-racist mindset and a willingness to eradicate the issue, there are a host of numerous support groups like AAFS and organizations to uplift and protect the rights of the black community.

How to find Black Community Support Groups?

There is a major need for support groups for the black community to help them cope up with the racist issues they have to go through. Many of the people seem to get support from their peers and it really works well for them. Apart from it, there is a variety of organizations serving as support groups for the black community. Some of the support groups are led by peers, while the support groups being run under organizations are led by mental health professionals.

Online Support Groups

The organizations have now started featuring online support groups, discussion boards, blogs, and online communities. These additional ways let the people connect with other people going through similar conditions. Besides, these mediums have proved to be very helpful in creating in-person support groups and are really helpful for people who don’t have any support groups in their surroundings.

Where Can One Find A Support Group to Attend Locally?

The local mental health organizations are the best resources to facilitate the people in finding support groups in their respective areas. In fact, a Directory of Consumer-Driven Services is also being maintained by National Mental Health Consumer’s Self-Help Group Clearinghouse. The directory includes the list of peer-run organizations throughout the United States, all of which provide a range of different support services and activities including peer-run support groups.

Objectives of Black Community Support Groups

The black community support groups do not only aim to provide support to the people of the black community but also aim to bring a change of mindset about racism in the entire community and to bring about anti-racist values.

Most of the support groups appeal for and collect funds to fulfill their objectives. The ground of their objectives is based on the encouragement of education, advancement, and opportunities for black and brown people. Listed below are the prime objectives of black community support groups:

Facilitate Black and Brown People to Launch their Start-ups

Adequate support is provided to people in terms of education, community, access to Black and Latinx entrepreneurs to facilitate the people in the building and launching their tech businesses with modest resources. The support enables business-minded people to Launch start-ups of their own on the basis of financial support being provided for the goal.

Extending Support to Black-Owned Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the global circumstances for everyone and it became even more important to support the businesses run by black people. The support groups started promoting the businesses run by people of color by featuring them in local directories and by other means.

Bringing About Change in Community

A number of support group organizations are working selflessly and tirelessly to bring about the change that the world needs for the creation of an anti-racist environment.

The Community Change, Enrichment Groups, and Policy Reforming Groups are working in nearly every area to advance the lives of people of color, to end systemic racism as well as racial injustice.

People willing to contribute to the cause must keep their eyes and ears open to know and implement other ways to bring about change in their communities.

Policy Reform Organizations

Such type of organizations collects funds to implement legislative efforts that are being crafted to overturn the systemically racist policies. These tend to provide legislative support in the areas of education, housing, associated legal issues and address other legislative affairs that are anyhow linked with the deep-seated systemic racism and inequalities.

Black Lives Matter

This is the most important issue that support groups addressed to make the world realize about the lives of black people. The goal is to address the struggles of the black community for equality, justice, and for the protection of their own lives.