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Online casinos have come on leaps and bounds over their lifespan. It is easy to forget that the very start of online casinos forced players to download the games to their computer in order to be able to play. Now you can simply log in to your own account online and choose from a wide selection of games from the industry’s leading game developers. From slot gaming to poker, everything is on the table for the modern online user.

But the next stage of online casino gaming has developed into more realistic gambling experiences, most notably through the emergence of a live gaming experience.

What Is Live Casino Gaming?

Live casino gaming is when a gamer plays a game through an operator’s website. This type of game is conducted with a dealer streamed from a studio rather than playing against automated technologies. It, therefore, increases the likeness of gaming in an actual casino venue, which enhances the typical gaming at home in front of a computer screen. The dealer may interact with individual players, and sometimes players can interact with each other through chat features.

What Are the Popular Games In This Genre?

Most live casino games follow the classic titles. You can play live versions of poker, blackjack, roulette, and other familiar games. However, one of the most successful game developers, Evolution Gaming, has broken the rules by creating new live games that have never been seen before. Their popular Crazy Time casino game is a prime example, a very much real-life experience with a game show style hostess combining elements of roulette with aspects of Wheel of Fortune. It’s a big hit among roulette players and gamers who like simple wagering propositions without complex rules.

Why Are Live Games Growing in Popularity?

It’s a bit of a no-brainer why these titles are becoming so popular. Players enjoy the more lifelike experiences they usually only experience when at a bricks-and-mortar casino. There are no extra charges to enjoy this type of game format, so players tend to pick live versions over computer automated ones. Those that do not are typically worried that their internet connection could let them down and cause them to miss the action.

However, with 5G internet connectivity expanding, more players should trust their internet speeds and get involved.

Playtech Launch New Live Games

Evolution Gaming is one of the leading developers when it comes to live creations. Their Crazy Time game is evidence that they are not just creating exceptional games, but they are sprinkling innovation into a gaming niche that has largely remained static and favorable to classic casino games only.

But even Evolution Gaming is being pushed by some other live game developers, most notably Playtech. The company has recently announced they will be launching a whole new range of casino games, including unique live dealer versions. The competition is great news for anyone who favors this exciting experience!