Both tea and CBD (cannabidiol) have been used as health aids for hundreds of years. Tea is full of antioxidants, it’s great-tasting, and is widely known for its health benefits. And in recent years, CBD has become increasingly popular due to its various therapeutic effects. So what happens when you mix both natural remedies? Could CBD tea bags be the next best thing?

An incredible number of CBD products are being released to the market, each one more exciting and innovative than the one before. CBD in the form of edibles is proving to be exceptionally popular, with things like CBD beer, gummies, and now teabags taking the country by storm.

Why do CBD and tea make such a good pair? Although CBD won’t make you high, it may leave you feeling tired. The caffeine in tea can help to counteract the slight sedative effects of the CBD, which allows you to enjoy the full benefits of its potential anxiety- and stress-reduction, and its focus enhancement, without feeling sluggish.

What Are CBD Tea Bags?

CBD tea bags are exactly what they sound like – tea bags infused with CBD. As you probably already know, CBD is a health supplement that interacts with the body in a way that could improve your health.

CBD is available in a variety of different forms. From tinctures and capsules to topical creams, edibles, and vaping products, there are a few different ways to take CBD. One of the latest trends if, of course, CBD tea bags.

A CBD tea bag can use any type of tea. Since the main target market for CBD is those who are into health and fitness, it tends to be herbal tea varieties like green tea and chamomile. But the most common variety is hemp tea.

Drinking CBD Tea vs. Sublingual Methods

The sublingual ingestion of CBD involves putting the oil directly under the tongue. Some of the benefits of this method include ease of dosage and faster uptake time. Sublingual administration of CBD allows for faster absorption and uptake time because the oil doesn’t need to be processed via the digestive system. Typically, you will feel the effects within 20 minutes of consuming CBD when using sublingual methods.

Drinking CBD tea is a whole different experience. The CBD needs to be processed by the digestive system. This means that the effects take slightly longer to kick in. However, some experts claim that the effects may last longer than when consumed sublingually.

One of the other benefits of drinking CBD tea is that you get to choose the flavors you love, making the experience more enjoyable. Because the effects may last longer, CBD tea is particularly useful for those who are using CBD to treat minor pain or improve sleep.

Compared to sublingual ingestion, drinking CBD tea will take longer to provide beneficial effects. You can expect the effects to kick in anywhere between 10 minutes to a few hours, depending on what you ate and when you ate your last meal.

Benefits of CBD Tea

You are probably already aware of the many health benefits associated with CBD. Since it’s now so popular, you can find plenty of information online about the health and lifestyle benefits of using CBD. You can also find tons of research detailing the health benefits of tea. So what happens when the two are combined?

Relieves Headaches

Anecdotal evidence reports that CBD offers some relief from headaches. Headaches are a common problem, and those affected by migraines may suffer from episodes for as long as 72 hours. CBD can relieve migraines and headaches by blocking the neurotransmission to pain receptors in the brain.

In addition, herbal teas like chamomile, peppermint, and others have all shown to have unique headache-relieving properties. The relaxation they offer can help you unwind, loosen muscles, and relieve pain.

As a result, adding CBD to tea could offer a great, natural way to fight off debilitating headaches.

Reduces Anxiety

The simple ritual of drinking tea in the evening before bed or in the morning is a calming practice for many people. When you add CBD to the mix, something magical happens.

It’s a well-known fact that drinking a cup of tea is one of the quickest and easiest ways to destress and relax. For instance, Chamomile, Kava, and Hibiscus all have unique calming effects. From lowering blood pressure to offering general relaxation, these herbs work as a natural solution to help the body adapt to stress and normalize bodily functions.

CBD works together with tea, acting as an anti-inflammatory line of defense which further lowers blood pressure and boosts the mood.

Reduces Insomnia

Research suggests that CBD may be able to help users get better sleep at night, and tea can do the same. Peppermint and chamomile teas, or those with hints of lavender, have been used as natural sleep aids for years. The terpenes present in these teas are great for helping you to drift off, and a few of these same terpenes are found in cannabis.

For example, linalool is the soporific terpene found in lavender, and it is also found in hemp. If you’re looking for sleepy CBD tea bags, choose a variety that contains these sleep-inducing ingredients.

Alleviates Chronic Pain

Millions of people are living with chronic pain. An increasing number of people are turning to CBD as an alternative to harsh, potentially-damaging pharmaceutical drugs. Studies have found that CBD inhibits the body’s absorption of anandamide, which is a compound that is associated with pain regulation.

Since CBD and tea are both able to reduce inflammation, together, they can help to fight off any inflammation-related pain. Crohn’s disease, IBD, and arthritis are all autoimmune disorders associated with inflammation. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, which is why it’s often used in the treatment of such diseases.

Reduces Nausea

Herbal teas with ginger extract, peppermint, and lemongrass have been used as a natural remedy for stomach issues for centuries. A lot of people also rely on CBD to treat nausea and upset stomachs.

The combination of CBD with stomach-soothing herbs like peppermint can offer relief for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment, or those who suffer from occasional nausea or an upset stomach.

Final Thoughts on CBD Tea 

The list of potential health benefits provided by CBD is impressive. Add tea to the mix, and you have the enhanced benefits of a relaxing drink offering extra antioxidants and vitamins. Everything from reducing anxiety and pain to promoting sleep and helping you to relax, CBD tea bags could be just what you need.

Even if you don’t suffer from health problems, CBD tea is a fantastic and effective way to relieve stress and boost mood. Packed with antioxidants, tea detoxifies the body while offering valuable nutrients that the body might be craving.