How much time are you spending to reach to work?

Have you ever wondered how much time it takes if calculated per day/month/year?

Have you considered a commute while searching for a job? Probably, the commute made you quit a job?

The following publication is a reaction to a question posed on the social network a few days ago. It caused quite an active audience reaction.

The question: How much time are you ready to spend to reach your dream job?

The audience gave answers which varied on conditions, and in their vision of a perfect job as well. One lady pointed out that she would commute for 2 hours to her perfect work and back. Another participant said that their perfect job means working from home.

What’s the length of Commute?

Some people are lucky. It takes them only 5 minutes to get to their working place. So, both ways need around 10 minutes.

Others need to spend around 40-60 minutes to reach their working place. And this is only one direction.

Many employees take their quick commute for granted. Let’s see an example…

(We’ll count according to classical statistics: 8 working hours;5 days per week; 50 weeks per year).

If you need up to 45 minutes two times daily to get to your working place, you can consider it a fast way. Calculating for one week you need almost a whole working day to commute.

Well, the question follows: How would you like to spend these 360 hours of a year that you’re spending on reaching your working place?

Most people cannot completely cancel their commutes to work. The matter is, that we need to work for a living.

Then, the question comes: are you using any advantage of your commute?

How to Optimize Your Commute

Some people try to use time with benefit — they are chatting, talking over the phone, or just wondering on social networks. Others aren’t eager to do such stuff. Such activities are forbidden in some places. For example, while talking on the phone, one should use earphones.

Phone talks don’t mean that important questions are discussed. Most people talking in cars are not discussing important things at all.

Let’s see how you can manage your travel to work time and increase its productivity.

For optimizing your time when you are on your way:

Try to make it useful

It’s quite strange that many people who spend hours in commute don’t even try to use this time somehow. Even when driving you can do a lot.

For example, audio materials provide a great opportunity for learning new information. You can never find spare time for it on purpose. Long commute allows listening up to 5 books per week. Modern technologies provide a great variety of ways to have audiobooks inside your car. They are available on CDs or you can download them to your mobile device. Also don’t forget about useful YouTube videos that you can watch and listen in a car, train or bus. Download them while on WiFi and save to your mobile device to watch later.

If you are getting to work by public transport, you MUST use your time somehow. While your next trip by train, pay attention to other passengers. Are they doing really useful stuff? When you are on the train, you are free to write, to listen, to read, or even to draw. You can do various activities while getting to your working place.

Save your time with a schedule

One of the most efficient ways of time managing your commute is avoiding hurrying. For example, if the busiest traffic starts at 8 am, you can try to leave home at 7 am. Won’t it help cut the length of your travel? According to many people, it helps. Time planning or moving activities to earlier hours is useful from the point of view of big rushes.

Some companies allow their employees to come to work a few hours earlier and leave a few hours earlier. Moreover, such king of schedule moving is getting extremely popular.

Avoid going to the office from time to time

One more option to make your commute shorter is to avoid it sometimes. If your employer is ok with it, you can try to organize the working process partially from home. By the way, more and more employers worldwide are supporting this. But, you can do this in case, if your work can be done from home. If your home atmosphere isn’t good enough for the working process, you may become a troublemaker.

The different mean of transport

If you have a too-long commute and don’t have a chance to do things in the car, try to change transport. Many people who need to reach the city center prefer traveling by public transport. This is kinda helpful for increasing productive time. You can also use a carpooling option.

Create a new commute

It may seem an exaggeration of the problem, but sometimes commute can turn a favorite job into an everyday routine. If so, maybe it’s high time to think about changing a working place. Such decisions are not always available, but anyway you should be aware of this option as well.