Our data are important to us. Imagine years of data—including your important project and media files—disappearing from your smartphone or computer’s hard drive without warning. These files hold our memories and hard work. It’d be a disaster if we were to suddenly lose them because we don’t have copies stored someplace else.

Imagine a different scenario where you are working on a project with your colleagues, friends, or clients. You want to send these files over to gather their input and feedback – that’s what collaboration is all about. However, what if they are not close by? You would then have to go through the stress of driving over to their location. This would not be easy if they’re in a distant location. You are stuck in such a case because getting them to view the files and give their input will be almost impossible.

Your best bet is to transfer these files over the Internet. That way, they can view them no matter where they are, as long as they have a working internet connection. This sounds great! However, the problem is that finding a good large transfer service is difficult, especially if you don’t handle large files often. Most large-file transfer platforms require you to pay a monthly subscription fee before you can use their service. The truth is that it makes no sense to pay a monthly subscription fee if you don’t move or share huge files on a daily or monthly basis.

In some cases, you might be lucky enough to find an affordable cloud-based transfer service, but they’re usually of poor quality. These services have low transfer speeds and can take the whole day to upload or transfer files. Imagine—you have to wait the entire day to transfer a 25 GB file to a client. This will be frustrating, especially if you are on a deadline and need to send over the project files as soon as possible. In addition, a lot of these platforms set a limit to the file-size you are allowed to upload at-a-go. If you frequently work with media files, the inability to transfer more than 100 GB at once can be a turn off. This can be a problem if you need to get those huge files sent over within an hour or two.

Whether you are an engineer, media professional, or software developer, you wouldn’t want to find that you’ve have lost everything you’ve worked on. Every one of us has files and data that we do not ever want to lose. Even a student has files that they cannot afford to lose. If you’re collaborating with a team, the last thing you need is unexpectedly losing those files due to a system error or malfunction.

Even if those files are personal files gathered during a family trip or they’re work-related, you want to know they are safe for many years. You want to know you can access them whenever you need them. Losing those important files without having extra backups is a stuff of nightmares!

Data loss can occur at any time. It can happen due to hardware malfunction during a file transfer, or it can happen while you’re trying to download information from the Internet. Several things ranging from sudden network interruption, malware corruption to malicious files entering your computer and hardware failure can cause hardware malfunction. In rare cases, you can accidentally format your hard drive without meaning to. If you accidentally download a file containing a virus program, it can render your important files inaccessible or it can delete them without your permission.

If any of these scenarios occur, you will lose your files, and it can be almost impossible to get them back. While recovery tools help you reclaim a few of your lost data, they are not perfect and may fail to retrieve everything. This is why you need to have backups of your important files/data that you don’t ever want to lose. To make backups of your crucial data and share large files, you need to have a trustworthy file transfer service. You need a cloud-based service with high upload/download speeds. It should be able to transfer your files securely, keeping your files safe even when the internet connection is poor.

FileWhopper is what you need. It is a cloud-based file transfer service that you can use to back up your data securely. It can efficiently transfer files of huge sizes at high speeds, and share them with anyone you choose, regardless of their location. This tool has a simple interface that users find appealing. On FileWhopper, you can transfer files of any size without limits!

Features of FileWhopper

FileWhopper is easily one of the best backup and data transfer platforms for large files. Its unique features include the following:

High Upload and Download Speeds

One of the top impressive features of this platform is that it can transfer files at mind-blowing speeds, no matter the size. As long as you have a strong internet connection, you can transfer any file size without wasting the whole day. This is great because you can easily backup and share those important files without having to worry about how long it’ll take. FileWhopper gives you high upload and download speeds, regardless of the file size.

No Upload and Download Limit

Another impressive feature is the ability to transfer any file size without limits or caps. You can literally transfer and backup large files of any size with this tool. This means that you can collaborate with clients and team members, no matter how large the project files are. Imagine being able to transfer more than 10 TB worth of files. There are truly no size limits!

Simultaneous Upload and Download Capabilities

Your client can download those files while you are still uploading them with this tool. This is especially useful if you’re on a deadline. They don’t need to wait until the upload is complete at your end before they can initiate the download. All you have to do is share the download link and password with the individual. Then, they can start downloading simultaneously while the upload is still in progress at your end.

No Monthly Subscription Fees

While other cloud-based large-file transfer services require you to pay a monthly subscription fee, FileWhopper does not require the same. Most other transfer platforms come with different billing structures and subscription plans that can be an inconvenience. With FileWhopper, you only pay a one-time fee for the file size you want to back up or transfer. There are no extra costs and no confusing payment plans. Enter the file size that you want to upload and get a one-time price quote.

Protects File Integrity during Transfer

What if your battery power suddenly runs out or your internet connection goes off during an upload? Well, FileWhopper will save the upload progress and continue when the connection is restored. You don’t have to panic even if the upload gets interrupted at 98% progress because the file integrity will be protected. FileWhopper saves you time and money.

Security and Encryption

FileWhopper protects your files during uploads with state-of-the-art encryption technology. Hackers will be unable to intercept or view your sensitive files while you transfer them. The tool also gives you a password that gives you exclusive access to your uploaded files. This means that no one can access or download these files without your permission.

Preserves File Quality

This is another impressive feature of this tool. You don’t need to compromise your files’ quality by compressing them before upload or transfer. With FileWhopper, you can send or backup your files exactly as they are, thereby preserving the original quality of your files regardless of the size!

How to use FileWhopper to Transfer and Backup Files of Any Size

Visit the official site to upload, transfer, or backup the folder or file of your choice.

  1. Before you commence the upload, you need to know the price quote for the data size you want to transfer. To do this, open the website by clicking on the link above. Then, drag the slide feature until you get to the file size that you intend to upload. This meter will show you the one-time price quote that you’ll pay for your file.

Screenshot (172).png

  1. Next, click on Choose folder or Choose file to select the folder or file you want to upload.
  2. On the new window, you’ll be shown the exact size of the file or folder that you selected. Choose the payment option of your liking and then click on CONFIRM & PAY. This will redirect to a new window to complete payment.

Screenshot (173).png

  1. Once you are done with the payment procedure, the platform will display a new window from where you can initiate the transfer. Click on the button written START TRANSFER. At this point, a lightweight app will be downloaded into your system. This tool is tiny and takes almost zero space on your storage and it’ll automatically delete itself once the upload is complete. The purpose of this tiny tool is to protect the integrity of your files and ensure it stays encrypted during upload.
  2. After the app has been downloaded, open it to continue the upload progress. Now, choose COPY DOWNLOAD LINK. You can share this link with other people to allow them to download the files simultaneously as you’re uploading them at your end.

Screenshot (166).png

  1. Also, click on COPY PASSWORD. Save the download link and password in a safe place. You’ll need it to access/download your files later. Share them with whomever you wish to grant access to the data.
  2. All you have to do is wait for the upload to complete, and the lightweight app will automatically delete itself.


FileWhopper is one of the best cloud-based transfer platforms in the market. It allows you to transfer, back up, and share huge files of ANY size. State-of-the-art encryption technology keeps your data safe from hackers during upload and download. It also maintains the quality of your files.

The best part is there are no monthly subscription fees! Enjoy the benefits of a large-file transfer service while saving money.