Social networks are a truly revolutionary tool of modern life. It is impossible to say unequivocally whether it was better or worse before they appeared, but one thing becomes clear: they fundamentally changed the concepts of first impressions, courtship, communication and time spent together.

Social networks influence the most important decision in our life: choosing a partner. To the question “Where did you meet?” the answer “on Tinder” is increasingly heard. A quarrel can begin (and most often begins) due to the manifestations of social networks: someone liked a photo with someone.

The society is clearly undergoing transformations, but what role do dating apps play in them and why do we say that they radically changed our romantic attachments?

Now there are more than 8000 dating sites in the world. According to studies, every month more than 200 million people around the world use social networks to find a soul mate. And in America, more than 1/3 of all couples appeared thanks to apps like Tinder. For Americans, the Internet is the second most popular way to get to know your potential soulmate.

Influence of dating apps to human life

In 2010, dating apps migrated from computers to phones, which became more convenient and with which the younger generations grew with such programs are most convenient because they allow you to find people who are nearby. That is, if you liked someone, you don’t even have to go far – most likely, the person is somewhere on a nearby street.

And if earlier many could find like-minded people only in, for example, swinger club in New York, now they can simply open the app and search for them in the whole world.

Ruben Thomas, a sociologist at the University of New Mexico, believes that when using dating apps, a person has more chances to create a strong union since the programs offer a very wide selection of potential partners. (And in real life, you may only have to choose from those you managed to meet.)

Harvard University research confirms that marriages created after dating online last longer and people feel happier. So, you can set a search filter in the app so that the program does not show you blondes, for example, or people of other religions.

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Reason for the popularity of dating apps

Dating apps are changing the conditions under which people usually get to know each other. If a person is registered on Facebook, this does not mean that he is ready for dating. But if his profile is in swingers dating app, it immediately becomes clear what he is looking for.

Apps support fast dating, which can also develop rapidly. Even the concepts of our presentation and first impression change radically – they usually say that the latter is formed during the first 30 seconds of the meeting. Now, if we look at a photo of a person, then at the meeting we already have at least some impression, and, therefore, subconscious expectations from him.

In addition, people who meet through a dating app are usually quicker to legalize their relationship. Due to the fact that people quickly gather the necessary information and “filter out” inappropriate candidates, and their relationship is developing more rapidly.