We all know the world’s leading destination for people looking for the glittering bright lights of a glamorous casino break is Las Vegas. The iconic city has been featured in movies and television shows the world-over showing people playing poker and other casino games.

While Las Vegas will probably always have this status as the ultimate casino destination, the rest of the world is definitely catching up. The love for all things Las Vegas has even meant people want to spin the roulette wheel on the go – you can play online casino slots from your phone, with Vegas being one of the most popular themes.

If you’ve already been to Vegas and you’re looking to travel somewhere with a similar feel, we’ve put together this list to help. So, where else in the world showcases the casino glamour?


Where better to start this list than Macau? This region, situated just off the south coast of China is considered the Las Vegas of Asia – and with good reason. The first thing you’ll notice in this awe-inspiring destination is its plethora of staggering futuristic skyscrapers. Around half of the revenue made here is from its luxurious casinos. There isn’t another place in the world that replicates Vegas quite so closely – it has more than 40 casinos including The Venetian Macao and MGM Cotai. A must-visit for those looking for the buzz of a truly wonderful casino hotspot.

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Monte Carlo

Situated on the magnificent French Riviera, Monte Carlo is renowned for welcoming the rich and famous all year round. Exuding luxury at every turn, this city even hosts the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix and along with it, many tourists. Not only is this incredible European location famous for all of these opulent things, but it’s also home to the glitz of the Monte Carlo Casino. This is one of the main tourist hotspots in Monaco – add a trip here to your must-travel list and you certainly won’t be disappointed.


Not only is Singapore a worldwide financial center, but it’s also packed with glittering buildings and buzzing casinos. The most famous of the bunch is the incredible Marina Bay Sands Casino. It’s housed within the famous integrated resort and is also joined by a shopping mall, hotel, nightclubs, a museum, and theatres. This amazing building has three towers and is topped by the world’s largest infinity pool. A pretty impressive sight.


This small town in Germany may seem like an unlikely candidate for a glamourous casino destination, but it’s actually one of the most visited casino resorts on the planet. The building is beautiful and you’ll even have the chance to spot some of the world’s most rich and famous people. Just remember to pack your smartest outfit!