Instagram stories are the biggest success of this mega-popular platform, with more than 300 million daily users. There are a lot of opportunities that you avail with the growth of this feature like drive traffic to your blogs or social media accounts and get followers on Instagram. Now you can add the link of your profile or posts to grow your account. There a lot of ways that you can use to promote your content and get followers. If you are looking to grow organically, then use Instagram stories to post your content, whether you are an established account or just starting out on Instagram. Here, we will discuss how to get followers and drive traffic with Instagram stories. Read on!

Four steps to drive Instagram traffic and get followers On Instagram with stories:

Adding Links to Stories to Drive Instagram Traffic

In order to drive Instagram traffic, a business account with more than 10K followers are able to add URLs using swipe-up feature to their stories. If you are also one of them, then you can drive your Instagram traffic to different pages in a fraction of time. There are a number of options to draw the attention of your audience using Instagram stories. To add the URL to your product page or Instagram page, go to Instagram stories, upload visuals or video clip, and then select the link symbol. For getting an instantly 10k following, buy instagram followers is the best option.

Tagging Your Profile in Stories

Another way to drive traffic to your Instagram page is to tag your own profile. But what is the reason behind tagging your own profile in your Instagram story? The reason is that if you don’t add the direct links in your stories to drive traffic, it is a great way to send those viewing your Instagram Story to your account. Also, the username is displayed in the stories at the left corner, and it actually is small. So it is better to tag your profile that makes it easier for your audience to click through.

Selecting Instagram Story Highlights

Story highlight is a great feature that Instagram is offering to its users because it gives a second life to your stories. Normally, Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, but it can stay longer when you add it to the story highlights on your account. You can find the story highlights feature underneath the profile bio on your Instagram profile. If you find it in the original Instagram story, it looks like a small circular icon that is quite similar to your Instagram profile icon.

Running Ads to Drive Instagram Traffic & get more followers

You should give Instagram ads a go when you have enough money to invest in your marketing strategy. If you are just starting out on Instagram, most of your stories will be buried in the sea of millions of other stories. But Instagram ads ensure your stories get seen and let you know who sees your stories. Take advantage of it and drive more Instagram traffic that ultimately gives you a number of new followers.