A great way to get more established on social media is to get more Facebook likes on this platform.  There are many ways to do this, and you can literally go about this a hundred different ways, some not so good as others.

I just finished a Facebook strategy session and remembered to get some screen shares while I was doing it so I thought I would write this post to show you the most beneficial way that I have received Facebook likes to my fan page.

Getting Facebook Likes When You’re Broke

Free Step 1: Designing Your Facebook “Like” Box

Now, this doesn’t cost you a penny, but you need to go to Facebook Developer’s and create your own Facebook “Like” box. It’s very simple to do, and after you place the URL of your Fan Page on it, you can copy and paste the code into your sidebar as I have on the right where people have the option to “Like” it. You have to do this sooner or later, because if you plan on staying in the industry for any amount of time you need to become noticed on Facebook.

Try out different areas of your sidebar to get the best results for clicks. Some people say that the very top right-hand position is the best spot for any widget, but I think it depends on the reader at the time. Play around with it and determine which spot is best for your blog.

Step 2: By inviting your connections and contacts, this makes for a fast way to get Facebook likes to your page!

If you have thousands of connections on Facebook, then this will be a great start for you!  If you are currently in the same boat as I use to be in, then you probably don’t have that many friends.  Build your connections and then ask them to like your page.

Believe me, I know…building a lot of likes to your fan page when you have no money for advertising is a very slow process.  But share, share, share!  Don’t just limit yourself to Facebook, share to Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Tell people what your fan page is about and what you’ll be posting about, and you will be surprised at how many reactions you do get.

Step 3: Making the Connection

I am a huge advocate of building relationships.  If you know nothing of link building, SEO, marketing,…or anything, you can still succeed in this industry if you build strong connections with others.  When you build relationships with people, you will want to ask them to connect with you(and you with them).  One of the best ways of doing this is to guest post on a high traffic blog. ComLuv Network and Basic Blog Tips are two very high traffic blogs that you can post to.

Should you give a great article to these people in a guest post? And please, don’t think I’m not advocating always writing awesome content, I do believe that you should always create great stuff, but when you yourself have a large following, do you sacrifice an awesome piece of writing and let someone else have it to gain the attention of new readers? Or do you feed it to the people that have been faithful to you for this long? It’s a hard decision to make, but I believe that when you focus on the reader, everything comes out perfectly. Whether you have to give up a great post or not. If you do, then you have just won over another reader to your blog.

When you guest post on these two blogs, they allow you to place your Facebook link in the author bio. As mentioned, when you write a great post, people will want to connect with you, so take advantage of that.

Let Them Win!

A great way to bring in more Facebook likes is by holding a contest on your fan page.  There are two sites that come to mind when doing this: RaffleCopter and PunchTab.

These are two very simply products to use and apply directly to your fan page. You can also embed the contest in your blog so the members of your site can participate as well!

This is a subject that is not really talked about a lot if you don’t have anything to give. But what about a mention on your blog? Or do an interview of the person who has just won? You can think of hundreds of different prizes when doing a contest like this.

The best part about it is, not only can you “make” the contestants “Like” your fan page, but you can also make it mandatory that they follow you on Twitter, sign up to your list, etc.

Getting Facebook Likes To Your Fan Page The Paid Way

Let Them Win…Again!

I know I just talked about this, but the same principle applies here as to what I just wrote above. The only other fact with this aspect of the triangle is with a product called Agora Pulse. There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is it’s so high tech and advanced and professional, that it costs money to use it. The good news is that if you don’t have any money to spend, then you can still try it out for 30 days free.

Agora Pulse allows you to handle every aspect of your contest, placing images, linking back to your site in the contest, etc. Not only do they handle contests, but also “Instant Win,” “Quizzes,” and a lot of other cool things that promote activity and likes to your fan page!


This has been some of the best ways to actually bring more Facebook likes to my fan page than any other.  You select your advertising spot and let Facebook do the rest.  Now it’s a little more in-depth than that, but I will show you what I mean.

When you finally decide to do Facebook advertising, there are a couple of steps that you need to do before your ad goes live.

Step 1: Deciding on your campaign strategy

There are three options that you can choose from in the first step of using a paid advertisement on Facebook.  Since you are wanting more Facebook likes to your page, that is actually an option, so all you have to do is click that tab.

Step 2: Writing the advertisement

This is where it gets a little tricky.  You want to bring in people and get their attention with the top line, and then tell them what you’re about in the bottom text.  Make it catchy and important.  Bring it as a great value that they can’t pass up!

Now granted, the content in the ad above isn’t one that will make people come running.  I just wanted to show you as an example of what the ad would look like in the description to the right.  I am currently running an ad where the headline says Want To Boost Social Media Traffic? See?  Cater to someone’s wants or needs, and they will always come.

Step 3: Choosing your demographics

This is also important because it determines who will actually see your fan page. Notice in my ad I chose the age group to start at 18.  I think it automatically starts at 13, but you definitely want to change that demographic of age group.  The precise interests column is where you’re going to choose the people that would most be interested in your ad.  Think very carefully and remember that this part and the actual writing of the advertisement should go hand in hand.  Notice that I’m choosing the social media niche to target.

That’s about all there is to get an advertising campaign started on Facebook. You may not get as many as you want the first go-around, but it does take some experience to learn what you’re doing. The good part about this is, if it’s your first time, then Facebook will allow you to only spend $30 for the lifetime of the ad. That means that there is no more money coming out of your pocket, no hidden fees or surprises either. Doing it this way will ensure that you can get the experience you need when coming to the front with Facebook fan page likes for your advertising.

Why Facebook Fan Page Likes?

Recently a college professor asked a group of 500 students if they were on Facebook. They all raised their hand. Next, he asked them if they were on Google Plus. About 40 people raised their hand.

The fact of the matter is, Facebook is still a prevalent giant in the social media community. Getting Facebook likes to your fan page, while it may not be all fairies and sugar plums; it is a necessary thing to do to ensure success online. More people are on Facebook than any other social media site out there. Don’t take it for granted. This platform can make you or break you.

Your Turn:

I want to hear some more strategies of how to get Facebook fan page likes when you have no money to spend. This blog is dedicated to the newbie blogger, and I want you to take a turn and let everyone know your strategy of getting Facebook fan page likes free.