Tired of endless stickers and bookmarks? “I have a bad memory,” thinks someone who doesn’t know effective ways to memorize information. The secret is to learn to remember by choosing a new technique that is right for you. There are new technologies in the world like editing service so in this case, you can also use some of them. We have selected some of the most interesting ways – we recommend you try them all!

1. Write notes and short essays

It is really helpful. A study conducted in 2008 at Kyoto University showed that if you start to memorize and write down your sad thoughts and the smallest troubles that have happened recently for 15-20 minutes before you start memorizing, the effectiveness of training will increase dramatically. The fact is that we remember everything negative very well. Not the funniest method, but it really works.

2. Protect nature

It turns out that the tradition of domestic students to prepare for exams in the country is very wise. Three years ago, psychologists at the University of Michigan found that contemplation of nature increases cognitive function by as much as 20%. By the way, it is not necessary to go to this very nature, you can just look at the photos for 5-10 minutes.

3. Say aloud

Words are remembered 10% better when shouted. It is not necessary, of course, to shout at the whole house “cat!”, “Walk!”. It is enough to say each word loudly and clearly several times.

4. Be emotional

Another tip for those who are learning difficult languages: gesture to describe all the words and phrases you are learning. Literally: if you teach the declension of the verb “jump” – jump. And if you need to learn a dialogue or a complex phrase, act out a scene. Here you will see, everything will be remembered surprisingly quickly.

5. Listen to yourself

After studying some information, speak it on a dictaphone. And when you fall asleep, quietly turn on this record – you just need to sleep under it. This is an amazingly effective way to consolidate already familiar but poorly remembered things.

6. Do not sit

Learn poems, textbooks, and reports by circling the room. The fact is that walking activates the brain, and your ability to remember is greatly increased.

7. Change the situation

If you need to prepare for two exams in one evening, do it in different rooms. The information we remember under different circumstances does not mix in our heads.

8. Throw out the words

A great way to learn a large number of merged lyrics, such as song lyrics or a report. Rewrite this text, leaving only the first letter of each word, and teach it by trying to remember these words. Of course, first, you have to look at the original, but in the end, you will only need to look at the truncated version and the text will immediately pop up in memory. This cheat sheet is very convenient to take with you.

9. Sleep more

The longer you sleep after learning something, the better you will remember this information in the morning. And sleepless nights, on the contrary, significantly impair memory. It is better to sleep a couple of hours before the exam than to try to study another “couple of tickets”.

10. Go in for sports!

A lot of research has been done on this topic, and all have confirmed that aerobic exercise improves cerebral circulation and memory. Do a Fit-bo or dance before sitting down for books.