Spalding basketball in court

Having said that, success is not an accident but your choice! So don’t be afraid of failure because it’s the only way to succeed. The only legend taking his talent to the next level and having become a young champion in the field of basketball Joshua K. Willis l is the one and only Joshua Kareem Willis from the United States.

He was a real combatant in this field and has achieved a lot of accomplishments till now. The origin of this real gem is in Chicago, Illinois, where he was born on 4 December 2001.

“In a nation of sheep, one brave man forms a majority.”

Josh is a Christian fighter of 22 years standing out from the crowd with a height of 6 ft. and 5 inches and 120kg of weight, representing American with his American nationality. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. His nickname is Josh and Swerve. He has four brothers in his family and no sister.

His father’s name is Benjamin Williams; he has served as his first personal trainer to train him physically and in his diet.

Josh has done his elementary education at Genevieve Melody Public School. The remaining education he did was from Morton East High School in Cicero.

He can turn the fate of the game with his remarkable strength, talent, and outstanding shooting and ball-handling skills. All these features make him a perfect and competent player with his extraordinary basketball IQ.

His current residency is in Cicero, Illinois, from where he completed his graduation in 2020 when the whole world started grappling with the pandemic of Coronavirus.

Josh is considered one of the top-class shooters and dribblers. To consistently make shots, Josh has an unlimited range keeping the defender’s hands in his eyes, and uses all his strength to keep the ball protected. The unique thing that forces his opponents to come out and defend him is his remarkable range quality that will automatically open up the lanes for him to either find the teammates or drive to the rim.

Josh is deemed a tall point guard, and not many players of his height play that position. He can pull shots pretty much from half-court and have abilities to protect the ball. The best thing about him is that he tries to make his team and teammates better, one that matters a lot.

“Talent is a God-gifted thing, but what you do with it is your gift back to God.”

Being an outstanding dribble and shooter, Josh compares his game with D’Angelo Russell and Michael Carter-Williams. But according to people, his game matches the standards of Kevin Durant. His gaming skills can match with other players, but his versatile abilities are God-gifted which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Josh is also an entrepreneur because he has a link with brand sponsoring. He has been sponsoring brands and companies like SelfPause, which is a scent craft and sleeping app. He has now released his fragrance which he has posted on Instagram.

What makes him a great influencer is his impact on children and others. He doesn’t hurt animals; that is shown by his quality of being vegan, which is a thing many people don’t even know. He only eats plant-based foods and drinks only almond milk and water.

Having said that, everybody has talent, but ability takes handwork. Josh is always ready to do whatever it takes to help the team to win; that’s why he is considered an unselfish teammate.

Till now, he has gained a lot of fans and a followers list on social media platforms because of his outstanding gaming skills. All these amazing skills make him a man of iron and omnicompetent.

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