Although the online casino industry is a globalized industry, where almost all operators offer their services in several markets, each one of them has its particularities. 

One of the aspects where we can see this difference between the different markets is in the payment methods since we can find international payment methods that can be used in practically any country in the world to play in online casinos to payment methods specific to each country or region.

Main international payment methods

As international payment methods, we can find two cases with a common feature: they were created precisely to offer an easy and fast alternative to deposit and withdraw money from online gambling sites. We are talking, of course, about Neteller and Skrill.

In both cases, belonging to the same corporate group, we can easily deposit funds into our account and then transfer them to the casino conveniently from the wallet itself. In addition, both deposits and withdrawals are instantaneous, something that few payment methods offered at the time these two e-wallets appeared on the market.

Another international payment method available in all countries is credit or debit cards, although here we must mention that there are providers such as American Express that do not allow transactions with online gambling sites, so we will not be able to deposit if our card is American Express.

Country or region-specific payment methods

On the other hand, apart from the international payment methods that will be available in most countries to play online, we have other payment methods that only offer their service to players from certain regions or specific countries. 

There are many Fintechs that focus their service on their own country, although later, many of them try to expand outside their borders in order to grow and scale the company in a much faster way. However, we continue to find some that have only achieved a certain relevance and capture users in one country. 

For example, many of the applications that interact with or need to have a real bank account behind them cannot expand to other countries due to the limitations of this requirement. As they have to be adapted to bank accounts, not all banking regulations allow this today. 

Another common case is countries that have their own currency, especially the less popular currency outside the country. This is the case of Japan with some of its own methods, as we can read in specialized sites. In addition, Japan is a peculiar case because although there are many online casino players, gambling is theoretically forbidden in the country. This means that Japanese players have to go to online casinos and international bookmakers, as there are no companies in the country itself that offer online gambling services for the country’s players.

Growth of Fintechs in gambling

The sector of payment providers and companies associated with online gambling sites continues to grow. The volume of money played on the Internet during the last few years has not stopped growing either, so there is an increasing need for instruments that allow us to play comfortably and quickly, depositing quickly and being able to withdraw winnings just as quickly. Traditional methods offer the possibility to deposit safely, as well as to withdraw. But when analyzing the speed, we see that most of them are only fast to deposit funds in the casino, having to wait several days to receive our withdrawal of funds. A clear example is the credit and debit cards, which allow us to deposit funds immediately but to receive the winnings, we will have to wait several days, around a week approximately on most occasions.

Caution with new payment methods

But not everything is good, it is also known that where there is money, there are fraudsters. And in recent times, many sites have appeared that appear to be online casinos and promote themselves as if they were, although the only thing they want is to keep the money of the players who deposit funds on their platform. Usually, one of the ways to detect some of these sites would be to look at the payment methods they allow. Usually, these sites only allow depositing and withdrawing funds with payment methods that do not allow the player to claim the funds, such as cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies have been the perfect weapon for many of these scammers because of the anonymity they offer, in addition to the fact that they cannot reverse money transfer operations. 

That said, we must make it clear that not all online casinos that allow depositing through cryptocurrencies are a scam since many prestigious casinos that operate with total legality offer the possibility of depositing through well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum since it is a payment method that many people are getting used to because of the great advantages it offers.

In any case, to avoid major problems, it is always advisable to look for casino reviews on the internet, preferably on websites specialized in online casino sites that usually offer full reviews and that, in many cases, even test themselves before deciding whether it is a site they recommend to their readers or not. Therefore they will always offer us a higher degree of knowledge and reliability than resorting to forums where even the competition may be badmouthing a casino to take away customers.

Finally, as a last and most important tip, using common sense is what will keep you farthest away from scams, since usually offers and promotions that seem too good end up being harmful to the player who wants to benefit from them and may end up falling into a scam.

Always try to compare the different casino sites available, and if one stands out with a much better offer than the others, find out more about the casino on sites specialized in this type of review.