Leverage Instagram for Business – A Few Essential Tips


The social media platforms are gaining prominence with every passing day! That means, more and more brands are looking for ways to use social media to expand their business. However, it is essential to ensure that business owners and brands make use of social media the correct way. Taking chances might result in a dear loss.

Do you want to choose the best social media platform for your business? If yes, then you need to decide the content type you wish to share. Today, most brands are sharing visual content for getting connected to their customers and prospects. It works because visual content can attract and engage users more. It helps to fulfill the core objectives of social media marketing.

Do you want the same for your business or brand? If yes, then the ideal social media platform to use is Instagram. It is one of the leading photo-sharing social media site/app, which has an extensive user base. There are a few brands that are in two minds about using Instagram for their business promotion. Do you resonate with that? If yes, you need to know the following facts.

  • About seven out of ten Instagram hashtags get branded.
  • Over 100 million images get proactively shared by Instagram uses daily.
  • Most Instagram users buy products from the site/app.
  • According to 2018 statistics, close to 25 million businesses registered for an Instagram account.
  • Instagram Stories features had a record of 500 hits, which is double the amount that occurs in Snapchat.

Making use of Instagram for Business

Generate trust amongst the target audience

Social media networks are coming up with unique ways to help its users! These platforms have realized that it’s essential to keep the users happy and content. And that itself will make the brand, i.e., Instagram, one of the most preferred photo-sharing apps/sites for brands to promote their business and products. The million-dollar question is this – What must a brand do? How should brands leverage this site? And the simple answer is by developing audience trust and developing loyal customer communities. It will help in fostering client to customer relationships and generate better customer delight.

When you choose to use Instagram for your business benefits, you need to communicate with the targeted customer community daily. Instagram works correctly with every branded content and can engage the end-users more. And this, in turn, leads to building and sustaining user trust. People start to interact favorably with a brand’s visual content, and that establishes an emotional connection as well. And this gradually helps to increase sales, profits, and overall brand awareness.

Gather more Instagram views

One of the challenges of social media is to get the audience “see” your posts! That’s when they will know about your business, service, and products. If they like it, they will use the “like” option and also make a purchase. Alternatively, they can share the same with their friends, who might need the service/product instead of them. In a nutshell, this view is essential. And when people see that a product post has received more views and likes, it automatically generates more trust and credibility. To use this aspect in your favor, today, you can buy real Instagram views. There are service providers that can make it happen for you.

Increase user engagement

Instagram helps to maximize user engagement. So, you need to choose the content you wish to post and get user engagement. It is not easy to measure user engagement. But still, brands have witnessed better sales and brand visibility on Instagram. It’s because Instagram helps your target audience to get connected to your brand easily. They can message you privately, and you can reply to them as well. According to Adweek, that surveyed over 2500 micro-influencers, about 60% thought that Instagram was a better platform to create positive user engagement. Also, a Forrester study revealed that the content that got published on Instagram generated 58 times more user engagement, as compared to Facebook. The rates were 120 times more when compared to Twitter.

Leverage the use-generated content

Simply put, UGC (User Generated Content) is a content form that gets generated by like-minded customers on a chosen brand. The companies don’t pay for this content, which increases its authenticity. And that way, a user acts as an advertiser for the product or brand, helping in business, product, or brand promotion.

Based on a study by Crowdtap, the millennials are 50% less likely to count on any content that has a traditional source. And this same study also revealed that youngsters today spend close to five hours or more in a day, making use of content that other users have created. It means they count on testimonials and feedbacks. Hence, the user-generated content has better receptivity and acceptability amongst the young audience, which occupies a considerable chunk of internet users.

Generate real brand awareness

According to most established and start-ups, creating an Instagram account is a smart move! The reasons are that the site/app records more than 800 million active users who want to interact and create a personal connection with their favorite brands. According to Pew Research, close to 35% of the Instagram users stay active all through the day. They log in multiple times a day from their tablet and Smartphone devices. And over 50% of these users ensure that they check their news feed and other posts once in every twenty-four hours. The frequency can increase as well. And this is what creates actual brand awareness.

Sometimes, brands might want to add in a few links in their Instagram posts. It is still a feature that’s unavailable, and some users might find that a drawback. But the good part is that no users can beat you down in traffic generation through links.

These are some of how you can use Instagram to promote your business! Once people start to notice your brand, they will gradually move to a buying decision. If you respond to their queries on Instagram, you will give users to become your loyal customers. And that helps brands to gain profits and a growing customer base through Instagram.