Do you want to adopt a pet dog but feel lost when it comes down to making the final decision? Are you an aspiring pet dog parent who has no clue how to initiate the process and afterward seal the deal? If yes, then brace yourself because this guide consists of all the details you need to know about the pet dog adoption process. From finding the right dog for your family to buying pet dog supplies such as dog houses, we’ve got it all covered here. So read on and enlighten yourself.

Steps for Adopting a Pet Dog

When you are planning on adopting a pet dog for your family, there are certain points you need to think about. These include:

The Dog Breed

First of all, you need to think through the kind of dog breed you want to keep as a part of your family. Almost all dog breeds are friendly with their masters and immediate families but some of them, especially the little ones, turn hostile towards guests or people they meet for the first time.

Additionally, larger dogs take up more space and smaller ones take less space. Similarly, some dogs are high maintenance, and others just get along. Not to say that they don’t need maintenance, they do but they are not delicate like Poodles. Some are playful and others are laid back couch potatoes such as Pug. You will have to decide according to your family’s needs and limitations.

The Pet Shop

Once you decide on a dog breed, visit an authorized pet shop that maintains health standards for keeping animals in a shop. This will help you ensure your dog’s health conditions. Moreover, pet shops with good pet maintenance have experience in dogs’ behaviors and can brief you about each breeds needs.

In addition to this, the pet shop you visit must have a good customer support system plus provide you with basic guidelines about how to treat your dog right and when is the time to take your pet to vet for periodic checkups. Buying a pet dog from a trusted and pet health-conscious vendor will save you from loads of hassle afterward, in case you end up with a sick dog.

Pet Supplies

Once you have purchased your pet dog, you will need to purchase dog supplies such as a kennel, crates, dog house, toys, collar bands, and dog food, etc. For purchasing these supplies, you may either visit a pet supplies shop or ask your pet shop dealer to arrange these for you and charge his prices accordingly.

Follow up Visits for Customer Support

After you have arranged for pet supplies, now is the time to take your pet home. However, remember that you might need help off and on with your new family member’s behavior and health patterns.

This is why it is important that you get your hands on a reliable vet’s number and schedule visits to his clinic as and when he suggests. Don’t forget about insurance, as well. A reputable company like Bivvy can be of great help here. Additionally, reach out for customer support of your pet shop whenever you find yourself at odds with your pet dog’s behavior or run out of its supplies.


Adopting a pet dog is not a really cumbersome process at all. Still, many people struggle with basics such as deciding on the best dog breed for their family. If new pet parents do a little research on the internet, reach out and connect with other pet parents and pet dog communities, their problems can be easily resolved. They will find ample support and guidance to help them think through the decision of adopting their new family member.