By Jasper P Miller

There are numerous business owners, entrepreneurs, and advisors, making a splash in the Australian logistics industry. From cloud-based tech geniuses to national commissioners, the Australian logistics industry is full of dedicated, ambitious individuals eager to support the transport industry and it’s operations to the best of their ability. In this article, we will highlight some key industry professionals standing out and making a difference.

Nola Bransgrove OAM – Commissioner & Deputy Chair of the National Transport Commission

Nola was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 2012 for her dedication and service to the Australian transport industry. Nola is co-owner of BransTrans a Victorian trucking company in addition to being the Commissioner & Deputy Chair of the National Transport Commission; an advisory focused on supporting Australian roads and transport systems. Nola is a passionate woman that stands by her morals, stating, “I respect the principles of truth, justice, and integrity and choose to work within that framework and with those sort of people.”

Check out Nola’s LinkedIn profile to learn more.

Vincent Fletcher – CartonCloud

Vincent Fletcher is the Founder and CEO of CartonCloud, a cloud-based logistics application set to technologically revolutionise and streamline systems around the world. According to Commonwealth House, ‘CartonCloud processes around 180,000 deliveries each month, and invoices over $10 million dollars of freight each month.’ Fletcher and his company recently won the Queensland Telstra Business Award, setting him and his team apart from local competition.

Check out Vincent’s LinkedIn profile to learn more.

Sharon Middleton – Director, Whiteline Transport

Sharon Middleton is the Director of Whiteline Transport and has a hands-on approach helping to build her logistics business from the ground up. Driving forklifts and participating in a long-haul truck drives across Australia, Sharon is a determined woman running a top-notch logistics company. Sharon states, “People who are looking to get involved in the industry should not be discouraged from starting at the bottom in order to progress upwards. Starting from the base, I believe makes you want to achieve more, and you realize what you need to do to move on to that next career step.” Whiteline Transport is one of Australia’s best examples of a logistics success story.

Check out Sharon’s LinkedIn profile to learn more.

Pieter Kinds – TenderTool

Pieter Kinds is the CEO of TenderTool, another cloud-based freight system set to empower shippers and assist with freight tender operations. Kinds identified numerous difficulties that shipping companies face with complex tendering systems, documentation, and quoting processes, which TenderTool skilfully addresses with sophisticated cloud-technology. Pieter is ambitious and states, “We want to become the largest platform of choice for freight by empowering managers with a smart but simple tool that saves them time and money.”

Check out Pieter’s LinkedIn profile to learn more.