Being a new Mac user, learning a few tips will help you accelerate your workflow and become more efficient. You can streamline your work and improve your performance using a number of shortcuts that Mac provides. This article elaborates on Mac keyboard shortcuts that every Mac user should know to make the most out of it.

Use Hot Corners on Mac Screen

The Hot Corner feature allows the user to utilize all four corners of the screen for initiating action. You can customize the hot corners to launch different apps or start any particular function. For example: hovering the pointer over the bottom right corner may launch a screen saver.

Change Screensaver & Background

With macOS Mojave, Mac desktop backgrounds have become more dynamic and more adjustable to the changing lighting conditions of the day. Changing macbook backgrounds and screensavers is quite simple, and you can easily do it in a few simple steps by navigating to the System Preferences and then Desktop & Screensaver.

Set Up Advanced Hot Corners

You can use one or more modifier keys with the Hot Corner feature to prevent sudden action from occurring in case you accidentally hover over any of the Hot Corners. This feature is useful as you need to press the modifier key to launch the actions as your Hot Corners will not activate otherwise.

Activate Spotlight for Quick Search

If you wish to launch Spotlight on Mac, you can simply press and hold down the Command + Space keys on the Mac keyboard. You can use Spotlight to locate apps, searching for answers to common questions, opening files and folders, performing calculations, and handling conversions.

Switch Between Apps and Tabs

While working on the computer, we usually open multiple tabs, and this sometimes turns out to be annoying. You can switch between multiple tabs on Mac by pressing Command + Tab keys. Moreover, you can continue to press the Command + Tab keys until you find the tab you are looking for.

Record Audio Using QuickTime

QuickTime Player is Apple’s integrated tool that allows you to record audio in high quality. For recording audio, Click File and select New Audio Recording, Click Options and select either Microphone or Quality options. Tap the Record button to start recording and press Stop when you are done. Next, save the file to any desired location on your Mac.

Switch Desktops

You can personalize multiple desktops on Mac and can switch from one desktop to another without interrupting the ongoing processes. This feature is preferably useful when you need to switch between home and office setup. Swapping the desktop is easy, and you can do it by pressing down the Control key and hitting the left or right keys.

Turn iPad Into External Display

When you’re using a MacBook, you are working on the extension of your other Apple devices. To turn your iPad into an external monitor, go to the Control Center, click Display, tap on iPad. You can also navigate to System Preferences and launch System Settings. You can now use your iPad as an extended desktop. Having an extended display will help you improve your productivity and learn things faster.

Delete Files & Folders Quickly

If you want to delete a file permanently without moving it to the Trash bin, click on the file and press Command + Option + Delete keys. However, make sure you do not require the selected file or any of its data before removing it permanently from your system, as you cannot restore it on your device.

Create a URL in the Browser

When you use the keyboard shortcuts on your Mac, you become more efficient than ever by skipping unnecessary steps that consume a lot of time and energy. To select and copy the URL in Safari, press down Command + L as it will highlight the URL, and then press Command + C to copy it.

Capture Image or Video Screenshot

To capture a screenshot of your screen, you will need to enter the interface for getting started, and you can do it by pressing down the Shift + Command + 5 keys. To capture the image screenshot of the screen, press Shift + Command + 3 key combination or press Shift + Command + 4 keys to take a video screenshot.

Declutter Your Mac Desktop

Having a new Mac means you might not have installed any additional app or downloaded your work files over email. You have a clean desktop which seems just perfect to start something new. But as time passes by, you will have to learn the trick to declutter your MacBook or Mac desktop. You can Stack files and folders on the desktop to keep them organized and easy to find.

Using a Mac is quite an easy task, and you can master your Mac by learning these simple keyboard shortcuts. However, similar to other operating systems, macOS is also vulnerable to security risks, so do not forget to install reliable antivirus to protect your system against cyber threats.