Good old fashioned penetrative sex can give you a ride of holy pleasure world. But have you tried to mix up your lovemaking with oral sex? Oral sex stimulates you and your partner in foreplay.

Oral sex can make you and your partner feel the intimacy, closeness, warmth, and an urge to get down on each other. The feeling of tickling down there by your partner raises satisfaction.

Apart from that, oral sex has it’s own health benefits. It reduces anxiety, increases pregnant women’s immunity, and it’s good for the heart.

69 is the most common oral sex position. If you haven’t gone third base together, here are the variations of 69 sex position.

5 Different 69 sex Positions

69 sex position is when both you and your partner are tickling/licking/sucking each other’s genitals at the same time. In classic 69, the man lies on a bed and the woman goes down on him from top aligning his genitals near to her mouth and vice versa creating a 69 figure. Improvising the classic 69 with different positions will blow your mind.

Inverted 69

Instead of the woman going on top, she lies on her back and lets her man go down on her from the top. A man can play with her vagina and also control the motion of his cock inside her mouth.

Some women are really into getting chocked. Inverted 69 would rock her world. Slide your tongue into her honeypot and stroke your shaft in her mouth reaching the climax together.

Sideways 69

Instead of going on top, both of you lie on your side. It gives equal comfort to both of you and everything would be reachable.

Position yourself so that you can finger her or lick her vagina while she is playing with you down there. Lift one of the legs a bit to give a good exposure of your genitals to your partner. This position is also known as lazy 69.

Sweet Seat

The sweet seat will race her heart, blow you high when she is inverted on a chair. In the sweet seat, a woman rests her legs on the back of the chair and aligns herself at the edge of the seat.

A man then puts his penis in her mouth and tickles her vagina in an inverted position. To add more fun and pleasure, you can finger her, penetrate your finger or a sex toy into her. Explore her honeypot when she is inviting you inside her mouth.

Chair Tryst

Chair Tryst is a reverse Sweet seat. Instead of her, a man lies on a chair; inverted. His head on the edge of the chair seat ready to rock her pussy when she reaches for his cock from the top.

The chair adds a bit of spice to your lovemaking. Angle plays an important role. It gives you a whole new level of orgasm.

World’s Strongest

This is a complex yet more erotic version of 69. A man stands still, holding her upside down. She wraps her legs around his neck, her hands around his waist for the support, and goes down on him.

Her flower will be exposed to his mouth to slide his tongue inside her. People who can nail this position would experience deep orgasm.