There are many ways for a musician to become popular on Spotify. You can upload more often, play with your names of tracks, engage in social media, and of course, use Spotify promotions. The topic of promotions is usually ignored, and the majority of older musicians call every promotion a scam. Today, we will break this myth once and for all.

If you ask any musician over 30 about Spotify promotion, you will hear lots of bad words about it. How it is a scam, and how no one ever became popular after the promotion, all that crap. But you will hear that from a person that has never tried promoting his music. So how can his opinion be objective? It can’t even be subjective! That’s why you should ignore all that, and start thinking with your own head.

Spotify promotion is now the most effective way to increase your popularity on this fantastic music streaming service. It is the best way to differentiate yourself among millions of musicians, to show yourself to a user. Promotion helps you become something from nothing. You can continue sitting in the dark, unnoticed, or you can show yourself to the world, present yourself through popular playlists, top-charts, and user recommendations. With the help of the promotion, you can do that!

If you are wondering, how the promotion works, here is the answer – like magic. There are many ways to be used by music promotion service that can bring you the numbers you want. Some methods are better for attracting plays, others – for gaining followers, third ones – for likes, and so on. The number of such methods in the arsenal of music promotion services is growing every week, and you can be sure that your music won’t be left without proper promotion. Social media, blogs, music magazines online and many other things are there, ready to make you a star. All you have to do is to let them do their magic, by starting Spotify promotion.

The procedure of buying a promotion is easy and pretty straightforward – you just select the promotion service, specify the number of plays/ followers/likes you want to get, and pay. From that moment you have to only observe your growth, and create new music, of course. The world needs your music, so don’t keep it waiting.

After you start promoting your works, you will see a huge increase in your performance. You will get more plays, more likes, more followers. Your music will start appearing in popular playlists, user recommendations, top charts, etc. The algorithm will start promoting you, and your career will go up! Don’t you want to be promoted by Spotify itself? I guess the answer is obvious. Do it!