One of the telltale signs of a good business is its ability to handle and process documentation efficiently and with accuracy. It sounds like a task that most businesses would be able to do fairly easily, but in fact, the amount, as well as the different types of forms and agreements, can become overwhelming, especially for small to medium-sized enterprises.

In any one day, a business may need to deal with an employment letter, loan contract, purchase order, performance review documentation, and so on. If you do it from scratch, this not only involves creating the forms, making sure all necessary requirements and language are included, but also distributing and verifying them when they return. If you are still using static documents, which many people are when dealing with PDFs, there is the added hassle of printing, signing, scanning, and then sending through email or fax.

Luckily, fillable forms are helping speed up this process, saving businesses time, money, and stress. PDF fillable forms have numerous benefits, the most important of which are:

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easier to read. Online PDF readers have zoom functions, plus you never have to deal with a badly scanned document.
  • Convenient to file.
  • Easy to correct. Any mistake in a document can be rectified on the spot, rather than having to send a new physical copy and wait for its return.

Lumin PDF has a suite of fillable online PDF forms that are ready-made, customizable, and can be stored on Google Drive. Using Lumin PDF’s advanced editing tools, their PDF templates can be downloaded and made to suit the exact needs of your business, without you having to reinvent the wheel. What’s more, these fillable forms can be verified with an e-signature, ameliorating many of the arduous steps we detailed above.

So now that you have an idea about how to easily create PDF forms, we will look at some of the downloadable PDF templates that may benefit your business.

Employment verification letter

In today’s world, people are picking up and resigning from jobs with increasing frequency, citing issues like workplace disputes, low pay, or unsuitable conditions. If you want to retain someone, it is best to get off on the right foot. Doubts about the company or management and a bad “gut feeling” are common reasons why someone may be wary about joining a company, but a professional set up and a strong onboarding goes a long way to allaying these fears. An employment verification letter is one of the first pieces of documentation that your new employee will come across, so it should look good, and clearly state all the terms of employment, so there are no misunderstandings further down the track.

Lumin’s fillable PDF form is US-specific but can be easily tweaked to fit your region and the specificities of your business. Especially handy if you are working with freelancers all over the world, the document has clearly defined checkboxes and allows the employee to add their e-signature and send back in a matter of seconds. By storing this PDF form in the cloud, you will never have to worry about scrambling for bits of paper to check the terms of a specific contract.

Promissory note

In the financial lending sphere, a promissory note is a document used between two parties to stipulate the terms of a debt. It is less formal than an official loan contract you might get at a bank but still legally binding. They are often used by businesses and private lenders without problems, as long as the correct language is used and there is no room for misinterpretation. This promissory note PDF template contains everything you will need to issue or receive a loan, knowing that the contractual arrangements are clearly stated. With Lumin PDF’s advanced editing tools, you can easily add any extra clauses and have a document ready in a matter of minutes.

Employee evaluation form

Employees and employers alike often dread employee evaluation time. Not only can it be nerve-wracking for the employee, but it can also be an imposition on the employer, who feels the process is a formality that takes time out of their busy schedule. Rather than spending time beforehand crafting a document in preparation, this fillable employee evaluation PDF form is ready to download and use as is, meaning you can focus on having a quick and constructive conversation with your employee, rather than resenting them for having necessitated the creation of documentation beforehand. Storage on a shared Google Disk means both parties would have access to the document 24/7.

Project proposal template

It is the 11th hour and you are due to pitch a project to your superior. You have a great idea but it is scribbled on the back of a napkin. You search for an online PDF form creator and you’re in luck! This project proposal template can have you up and running straight away. As with the other forms, you can edit it to include specific images or logos relevant to your business to give it a really professional look and feel.

While we have detailed only three different PDF fillable forms, there are more than 50 on the Lumin PDF website, many of which are applicable to businesses. The ability to quickly create and customize PDF documents using Lumin PDF’s powerful editing tools is quick and easy, taking the stress out of drawing up and formatting official documentation and contractual agreements.

Best of all, it connects to your Google Drive and allows for e-signatures, meaning forms can be sent anywhere in the world, countersigned, and stored, all in a matter of minutes. For free PDF templates and cloud-based collaboration, there is no need to look further than this widely used and intuitive tool, compatible with both Windows and MAC OS.