Gaming laptops are expensive. The latest machines can cost upwards of $1,500 or more for a laptop that offers the best in video games and computing power. That’s too pricey to justify dropping on impulse, which is why many people are instead opting to purchase used gaming laptops.

If you’re shopping for a used machine, you should consider what you should know before buying one – particularly if it’s out of your price range. Here is some basic information that will help:

1. Know Your Needs: If you want a gaming laptop for high-quality gaming, not for just web surfing and online gaming platforms, like Ninja and cannot afford anything new, then there is nothing wrong with looking into what options there are when it comes to purchasing something used. However, before doing so, take a few minutes to consider what your needs are as a gamer.

For instance, you should know how big of a screen you want and need because that will affect the size of the machine that you have to buy. Similarly, if you need a machine with a particular graphics card or a specific amount of RAM, then those will affect the cost and type of machines that you can buy. You should even consider whether or not you would prefer to have Windows 10 instead of older versions because some older games may only work with older versions of software, which may narrow the range of what used laptops for sale you can afford.

Once you take some time to think about exactly what it is that you want from your laptop purchase, then shopping should be a little easier because you’ll have a better idea of what options are out there and which ones might meet your needs.

2. Know the Seller: Even if you do take the time to really consider what it is that you need from a laptop, there’s still no guarantee that everything will work out as planned. For example, take this scenario: You’re looking for laptops for sale, find one at an affordable price point with a great processor and graphics card, but upon receiving the machine notice that it only has 2GB of RAM instead of 8GB like was advertised. While it’s possible that this could be a mistake on behalf of the seller, it may also be a sign of a problem since they didn’t bother to ensure that their listing was accurate.

In this instance, there’s a good chance that the seller had ulterior motives for advertising it wrong or accidentally messing up since they likely weren’t expecting you to check the machine before buying it. While everyone makes mistakes, pay more attention if they seem nervous about selling something in person instead of online which can make them less apprehensive to let go of a machine with issues or try and get away with passing off a faulty product as being good.

3. Know Where To Look: Sometimes it can be difficult finding used gaming laptops for sale. This is especially true if you’re looking for a good price point and have specific needs mentioned above. If you know exactly what specs are required and need to find a machine that is within your price range, then you might have to look in some odd places.

Luckily, there are plenty of sites that are dedicated to finding cheap laptops for sale. Look over their options to see what they have that could meet your needs. While it’s true that this may not lead you directly to gaming laptops, it does help narrow down the marketplace so you’re only looking at machines designed for gaming or can support them while still saving money instead of buying new ones. Otherwise, you may also check other online outlets like Facebook marketplace or Craigslist where people sometimes post about selling used laptops.