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With the virus spreading its roots in almost every corner of the world, it has been quite challenging to maintain the right kind of facilities for accommodation, especially when it concerns student accommodation.

With too many students living on the same premises, it becomes highly challenging to keep them safe and give them an environment of home away from home.

So here is a quick guide as to how you can improve the university accommodation in Edinburgh for students during these tough times:

Prioritizing mental health

We can very well understand how difficult it becomes to isolate ourselves from the whole world and staying back home. When one stays at home, at least they get to stay with their family members, but when one has to take up student accommodation with no family members around, one can feel gloomy and incur a breakdown.

Thus the providers must prioritize the mental well-being of the students to cut down the stress levels by providing them with an environment easy to dwell in. Ranging from cleanliness to safety and a healthy environment, providers should give way to all such aspects to keep the students in good mental health.

Following the government protocols

Another thing that every accommodation provider should adhere to is the local government policies and protocols. The coronavirus breakout has taken a toll on the health of people worldwide, and thus the government is imposing strict lockdowns and other protocols for the prevention of its spread.

Thus it is necessary to adhere to the guidelines so that things can be taken under control.

Introduction of strict hygiene measures

Following strict hygiene rules is another mandatory thing to adhere to while arranging student accommodation. Thus regular deep cleaning and sanitization should be maintained to ensure the safety of students.

Further, strict guest policies and communal area closedown should be practiced to lower down the risk of the virus spread. Disinfection should be taken up daily, and rubbish collection should also be prioritized while maintaining the social distancing protocols.

Washing staples

If there is a provision of beds and linens to the students in the accommodation package, then proper care should be taken that the linens and other washable items are well washed and dried before allotting them to the students. Also, the rooms should be thoroughly sanitized before handing over the keys to ensure safety.

Arrangement of the isolation area

If at all a student falls sick despite all the precautionary measures taken, the authorities should have a separate zone for students who fall prey to the infection.

Further, an emergency contact list should be updated from time to time to get the students immediate medical assistance and should be isolated in a separate isolation space so that the other students do not get infected due to the contagious nature of the virus.


So these were a few ways in which the student accommodation providers can enhance their services in these difficult times to curb the spread of the virus. Now since you know a few rules, make sure that you abide by these to make the students feel homely.