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If you are not familiar with using a drawing tablet, you may find it difficult to complete your projects on time. Drawing tablets are amazing devices that are designed to make the life of an artist easier. While some artists use the drawing tablets seamlessly, others are not finding them so easy to use.

However, you can learn how to speed up your drawing skills on your tablet as you keep reading. Don’t forget, the key to perfecting any skill is patience and hard work. What’s more, as soon as you get hold of how to use your drawing tablet, your skills will improve.

Let’s get started!

5 ways to enhance your drawing skills on a drawing tablet

To be at the top of your drawing game, then you need to take a look at the following techniques:

  • Buy the right tablet

With the wide range of drawing tablets in the market, not all may suit your pattern and a comfortable working area.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you should buy the most expensive drawing tablet in the market. Ask your local dealer for a tablet suitable for beginners.

  • Know the Hardware

Try and familiarize yourself with the drawing tablet before you proceed with a client’s project. Use a few features on the drawing tablet and see how it plays out.

  • Draw Regularly

To improve your drawing skills, you must practice always. No doubt, while using the drawing tablet for the first time you would make mistakes. But as you keep using the drawing tablet, your skills will improve.

  • Get Inspiration to Draw

Look around you and sketch whatever item that appeals to you on your drawing tablet. Gradually, you would get inspired to draw just about anything.

  • Draw various shapes

Try drawing various shapes on your tablet. Don’t forget, whether it’s a car or a human you want to draw, you would need to use shapes. As you learn how to draw simpler shapes, more difficult shapes will become easier.

Why does drawing on a tablet may seem difficult?

Naturally, if you have not used a device before, it may seem kind of difficult at first. The same thing applies to using a drawing tablet to create your artwork. Check out a few reasons drawing on a tablet seem difficult for beginners:

  • Slippery surface: The surface of the drawing tablet is slippery and not as rough as the paper. Some experts recommend that you paste paper on the surface of your drawing tablet to reduce the friction. Instead, opt for a drawing table that has a pen with a rough nib.
  • Responsiveness: usually, some drawing tablets are not as responsive as drawing paper. No wonder, you need to buy a drawing tablet with a high degree of responsiveness.
  • Drawing in two areas at once: Compared to drawing on paper, with the drawing tablet you are drawing on two surfaces at the same time. Most artists are new to drawing on a device and seeing the image appear on a different device. Keep the tablet directly parallel to the monitor.
  • Shaky Brush Strokes: Some brush strokes are very shaky. Meanwhile, if the brush stroke is shaky, it means that it is not of good quality. Opt for firm brush strokes.
  • Computer Specification: If your computer specification is not up to date, your drawing tablet may be slow and not provide the needed output. While buying a drawing tablet, don’t forget to get an up-to-date PC.
  • Brushstrokes are spaced out: Have you ever drawn a line on your drawing tablet and discovered that the out is like a worm? To solve this, go to your tablet settings and change the brush settings.

4 Easy steps to Teach your child how to use a drawing tablet

It’s even more difficult to use a drawing tablet than an adult. However, when your kid picks up drawing on tablets, in no time they will become experts. But to help the child pick up with drawing on a tablet, do the following:

  • Make art a routine: Even for kids, constant practice helps them build their skills. Let drawing form part of their routine when they are back from school. Let them familiarize themselves with the drawing tablet too.
  • Don’t Tech: Usually, kids improve their drawing and writing skills from scribbling. Allow the child to scribble on the tablet and within a short time, they would draw meaningful objects.
  • Make Observations: While the child is scribbling on the drawing tablet, make a few observations. Usually, in the beginning, most of your comments should be to encourage. As the kid starts understanding how the drawing tablet works, make observations that will help them improve.
  • Ask open-ended questions: For instance, if the kid shows you a drawing on their tablet, you can say, “tell me what you drew” instead of “what is this”. The former will encourage the child to explain the drawing joyfully.

Pros of Using a drawing tablet

The pros of using a drawing tablet for your art are far more than the cons. Although the major con is that good drawing tablets are expensive. Aside from that, a drawing tablet is the best thing to happen to a graphic artist. The pros of using a drawing tablet are enough but let’s see a few:

  • Reduce Repetitive Stress Injuries: If you use a pencil to carry out a complex drawing project, when you use a drawing tablet for similar projects you would understand it. You can draw multiple lines without necessarily repeating the same process.
  • Faster: No doubt, drawing with a tablet is faster compared to drawing on paper. Besides, the drawing tablet has features such as an eraser, painting, etc.
  • Custom Settings: The numerous custom settings on a drawing tablet make it appealing to draw with. You can customize the drawing tablet to suit your needs without any hassle. Also, the custom settings on your drawing tablet can be saved for future use.
  • Computer Connection: With an up-to-date drawing tablet and computer, creating images with your tablet will be fun. Remember, the compatibility of the drawing and computer is important for both to work smoothly.
  • Sizes: Since drawing tablets are available in various sizes, moving the tablet around is possible. Generally, drawing tablets are sizable so you can carry them anywhere.
  • Increase Productivity: Since the tablet has custom settings and virtually everything is digitalized, you can carry out so many projects in less than no time. Also, every line or shape you draw would be accurate depending on your settings.

The drawing tablet is a good innovation in the art world that has made the craft easier for the artist.

The Best Graphics tablet features you need to improve your drawing skills?

Now you know that the graphic tablet mustn’t be expensive to give the best output. However, there are certain features that top tablets must have to enhance your drawing skills.

  • Degree of Responsiveness: A drawing tablet with a low degree of responsiveness would not help you improve your drawing skills. Rather such a graphic tablet would slow you down and reduce your productivity. Opt for a drawing tablet with a high degree of responsiveness.
  • Size: While traveling on a bus or train, you can decide to draw something you just saw. You can move around with your drawing tablet if it is too big. A medium-sized drawing tablet is better so you can move around with it.
  • Product: Opt for a drawing tablet that accommodates beginners. However, some drawing tablets are designed to help beginners improve their skills.
  • Settings: Look out for a graphic tablet with settings that are easy to maneuver. Unfortunately, some drawing tablets have complicated settings that beginners can grasp easily.

Wrapping Up

In this era of art, you need to flow with the trend. Acquiring a drawing tablet is one way to do so. Besides, the drawing tablet is supposed to improve your skills and not demean them. Don’t expect to learn all the features on your drawing tablets in one day. Try and familiarize yourself with the graphic tablets as often as you can.

Finally, the price of the drawing tablet has nothing to do with the expected performance or efficiency. You can see the drawing tablet here with great features for your art production. Not to mention, buy a drawing tablet you can afford and use for a while too.