For every business owner who owns an account or a business page on Instagram, we all know the struggle that comes with actually getting conversion from the numerous people who view your posts and like your pictures. While it isn’t exactly rocket science, there are a lot of people who do not know how to use this social media app to their advantage.

Yes, Instagram started as an app for pictures and sharing moments with your friends and family, but over time, it has turned into one of the most engaging platforms for business owners, and it is time to key into this. Business owners are always wondering whether to buy or not to buy an Instagram account because of the difficulty associated with having a business account. There are a lot of features you could use and quite frankly a lot of tips too. However, this article will zero in on the top ten tips you need to become a success.

A Thrilling Bio

Let’s start with the obvious. Instagram is a visual app, and if anything, you should make your page and everything you set out to do on it visually appealing. One of the first things to do is to create a killer bio. Usually when people see your posts on their timeline, if it appeals to them, they will proceed to your page to see more for themselves. This is where your bio comes in. First of all, people like it when they can relate to you in some way. You need a bio that is clear enough for people to understand and is also attractive to people.

So, you’d need to let people know who you are and what you do in the best way possible. People form opinions about other people in seconds of meeting them. This is what you need to explore. The first impression is what matters and you should exploit that to your advantage. Another feature to exploit is the use of links in your bio. Many a time, people use this link to redirect people to their homepage while some other business owners use it to draw attention or traffic to their latest or newest content. Either way, it is worth exploring.

Content, People

What you probably do not realize is the fact that your bio is the foundation to build on, but you also need to create valuable and interesting content. No one will follow you blindly if you are not adding value to them in some way. As much as possible, make your content interesting and catchy. Do not post pictures that are blurry or not so clear. Try to stick to things that people can easily relate to. Buying your account from sites like does not guarantee instant success. Make use of other video or photo editing apps that can also improve the quality of what you want to post.


Usually, they say if you want to create a habit, do something every day for 3 months and inadvertently, it becomes a part of you. One thing you would need to get used to is posting every day. Some people post 5 to 10 times daily with intervals of about 2 or 3 hours in between. The aim is to stay relevant and in people’s faces. They need to keep seeing your posts on their timeline so they remember to look you up. As much as possible, try to post regular and interesting content.

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Use all your Hashtags

Instagram allows you the opportunity to use a maximum of 30 hashtags per post. One thing you should consider as important is the use of these hashtags. When you start a business page and start creating and posting content, you will need all the exposure you can get and one way to get this is the use of Instagram hashtags. This will push your content to a wider reach.

Try out your stories

Instagram stories are one way to increase the level of engagement on your business page. You could use it to announce a product or a new post or even share payment details or a call to action. Getting up to 10, 000 followers on your account can unlock the option of hyperlinking your stories.

Promote other businesses

A lot of business owners know how much their businesses tend to grow when they are being promoted by other business owners. Out of the pool, there are a lot of other people doing the same thing you do. Learn to appreciate their work and this would mean promoting them on your page. Eventually, when they promote you, it can also add a lot more eyes to your page and conversions too.

Instagram Live

Sometimes, people engage with businesses on Instagram when they are sure they will get reactions in real-time. It is one thing to post some content and another to be there for the reactions that follow. Making use of Instagram Live will give your followers an opportunity to commune with you and also give your business a face.

Respond to comments

One of the ways to engage with your audience and increase your traffic is by responding to comments and private chats. People want to see the human face behind the posts. So, if you actively engage with them, they will stay. You could also follow some of your followers and like their pictures too. You could stage giveaways and contests just to increase user engagements as people just love those. It will keep them glued to your page for more.

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Tag People

Tagging people and other pages can do a lot more to your posts and increase your level of interactions too. So, whenever you post content, try to tag all the big vendors and influencers you know. Tagging them will create an opportunity for their followers to view your post too. When you post pictures of what you do, as much as practicable, make the best use of your captions.

Instagram ads

Instagram has recently worked to change the face of its advertising and it has done a lot of wonders. You could integrate the use of photos or video ads to increase activity on your page and increase traffic too. Instagram also allows you to integrate with Facebook and reach a whole lot of people who share the same interests as well.

Wrapping it Up

Apart from the obvious dilemma faced by business owners on whether to buy or not to buy an Instagram account, these tips highlighted above will help you run a successful Instagram business.