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Point spread betting is the most popular way to bet on both basketball and football. Most sports bettors opt for point spread betting even though it is a bit complicated and may take you a while to understand.

Sportsbook operators use the point spread to balance the game as all teams are not equally created. With the point spread system, all teams will have an equal chance of winning.

It will give bettors a chance to pick on both teams despite who will likely win the game based on performances and other factors. Read on to better understand how the point spread betting works and learn some strategies you can use.

How Point Spread Betting Works

Even though point spread betting is popular among high-scoring sports such as football and basketball, this type of betting can also be used in other sports. American sports betting and the point spread can not be separated as they are linked forever.

Point spread betting is a bet based on the margin of success in the game. The favorite, which is the team that has the big chance of winning the game, will be marked as a minus, and the underdog or the team that has the least chance of winning will be marked with a plus sign.

To place a bet on the point spread, you need to find a good sportsbook such as the FanDuel online NFL betting website. When you are already on the website, the first thing to do is navigate to your preferred sport to bet.

Then, click on the spread that you want to bet your money in. After you click the spread that’s usually located at the side of every team’s name, you will now have to go to the bet slip, which is commonly found at the side of the page.

A message will prompt that will require you to log in to carry out the bet. Enter your login credentials and click login. After you successfully logged in to the website, you will then need to submit your bet.

Strategies In Point Spread Betting

There are strategies that you can use to increase your chance of winning through point spread betting. Below are the top strategies you can follow on your next bet on the Super Bowl 2021.

  • Make Use of Bonus Offers

When you first sign up on a betting website, you will be given multiple bonus offers. These bonus offers are one of the ways to earn money to wager. You will have a chance to bet on a sport on these websites without providing a large amount of money using the bonus offer on your sign up.

You can repeat this strategy to multiple websites as every website offers a signup bonus for their new customers. By doing this, you can increase your chance of earning. Just make sure that you are choosing legitimate websites, which is why it is best to still be picky in choosing what site to sign up for.

  • Be Mindful On Betting for Road Favorites

Betting for the superior team is common as bettors get excited and tend to bet towards multiple superior teams. This mentality will not entirely work on point spread betting as the proposition in this betting style is 50/50.

Betting in favor of the road favorites is not prohibited. You can still bet on the favorite teams, but you will have to make sure that you have a good reason behind it. These teams do not need to win alone. They need to win by a considerable margin based on what the spread suggests.

  • Study the Key Numbers

It is best to study and understand the key numbers for point spread betting in sports, especially in football. Key numbers have a great impact on football point spread betting. Getting more familiar with these key numbers will help you better understand how point spread betting works, which will result in a successful betting experience.

Choose Wisely

Even though there are so many opportunities to bet through these countless games available, it is still best to be picky in which game you will wager your money.

Most bettors have the urge to wage as many games as possible because they think they will profit bigger and faster by doing so. But it is the complete opposite. You will be likely to gain profit by focusing your energy and resources on one game at a time.


Point spread betting is not an easy way to profit from sports betting. You will need to study the ins and outs of this type of betting to be successful. It is advised to do more research and educate yourself further about point spread betting before using it this upcoming Super Bowl game.