Ilfracombe Harbor at sunrise in broad panorama across the picturesque town.

Home to the famous town of Exeter and the ocean city of Plymouth, Devon is a county located in the southwestern part of England known for its rich heritage. It’s also famous for its coastal resorts and numerous tourist destinations, so it’s no wonder why many businesses and employers in Devon have ranked it as one of the happiest places to live and work. There’s a time when mining, fishing, and agriculture were the primary industries here. But in recent years, many new industries have launched their businesses in the area.

Don’t let the leisurely vibe of the county lead you into thinking businesses are slow in the area as many non-traditional enterprises have set up their headquarters in Devon. There are innovative marketing agencies based in the county offering digital marketing services, which may allow any enterprise to conduct business not just within the borders but also in the entire country.

Before You Set Up Your Business

There’s no doubt Devon is a great place to open a new enterprise, but if you want to make it profitable, you’ll need to follow some time-tested steps before starting. For instance, you need to do detailed product research and offer top-notch customer service to grow your business.

Moreover, if you want to raise more capital, you need to learn how to pitch and get other people to invest in your enterprise. Besides boosting your funds, getting people to entrust their money to your start-up is a significant milestone for your business. It’ll give you more confidence knowing other people believe in your vision and ability to make your business work.

Why Devon Is Great For A Start-Up Business

The county is known for its landscape and breathtaking coastline, so it’s not surprisingly much of Devon’s economy that relies on tourism. But even if the new business you’re about to open isn’t related to this industry, you can still set up shop in this part of the United Kingdom.

Aerial view of Exeter in summer day, UK

Here are some reasons why Devon is a great place to start a new business:

  1. Many People Are Drawn To The County

A budding entrepreneur such as yourself knows foot traffic is crucial for any business to succeed, and this principle is especially applicable to brick-and-mortar stores. Without potential customers to target, your business will have a hard time thriving.

The good thing is Devon continues to enjoy growing popularity. More people are moving to the county, more tourists visit its various resort destinations and leisure attractions, and more businesses are also establishing their presence in the area. With this, any business will have a growing market to cater to if set up here.

  1. Excellent Work-Life Balance

When running a business, you can expect to have long days ahead and a hectic schedule. It’d help if you can have leisurely breaks without going far from your place of business. The many tourist attractions and leisure destinations within the county should provide you and your employees the right environment to relieve stressful business weeks.

Unlike managing a company in a busy metropolis, having a growing business enterprise in an area known for leisure and travel can improve your work-life balance. It’s one reason why many brands based in Devon have given the county high marks on the happiness ratings.

  1. Popular Retail Therapy Spot

Devon’s rich fishing, mining, and farming heritage have made it known for fresh produce, handmade gift items, and other artisanal products. There are many traditional markets scattered in the different towns in the county. In other words, many tourists visit Devon for the shopping experience from the many rural market towns.

You can take advantage of the county’s reputation as a shopping destination by starting a gift shop, discount shopping outlet, or even an art gallery.

  1. Rapid Growth In Cities

Devon’s economy is steadily growing, and it’s no longer just focused on traditional industries like fishing, mining, and agriculture. The county now has wide-ranging industrial sectors like health, tourism, manufacturing, construction, financial services, and real estate.

As a result, there’s also considerable progress happening in the cities. Exeter, for instance, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the UK. Over the last few years, Exeter has received considerable business development. There are now more than ten businesses and industrial parks as modern industrial facilities and offices are also on the rise.

  1. Good For Your Brand

Setting up a business in Devon is good for your brand because the business community in the county is incredibly supportive. You can work with them to learn more about the business climate and the numerous opportunities you can grab for your enterprise.

The rural vibe in the county also lends a friendly and relaxed business environment. The unhurried pace in the area gives it an image of top-quality workmanship in all locally made products people are willing to pay a premium for. If your brand is associated with Devon, you have a better chance of attracting more customers even if you sell your products at relatively higher prices.

  1. Hardworking And Creative Local Population

Thanks to decades of mining, fishing, and farming experience, Devon’s folks are known for being hardworking. But even if these traditional industries have slowed down in recent years, many artisan producers offer handmade products, and these are all part of the county’s charm.

Starting a new business in the area would give you access to some of the most diligent and innovative workforce, and there’s no better way to improve your business success than to have a reliable local team working in your enterprise.


There are many reasons why Devon is a great place to start a new business or even to expand an existing one. Although it’s primarily known as a travel and leisure destination, the county is experiencing tremendous growth in many sectors as it slowly weans away from traditional industries like fishing, mining, and farming. To improve your chances of success, make sure to do your research and connect with local businesses.

Above all, don’t forget to add digital marketing into your strategy if you want your business to gain traction fast not just in the county but also in the entire UK and other parts of Europe.