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If you have been looking for ways to take a break from raids or racking up as much WoW gold as humanly possible, then you may want to check out the adventure table. Specifically, this article will be taking a look at the World of Warcraft Soul Ash missions on the adventure table, and how they can benefit you. So without further ado, let’s delve into more about what you need to know about this recent feature.

What is Soul Ash in World of Warcraft?

This is probably your first burning question. Basically, Soul Ash is a form of currency that is used for crafting Legendries. It is time-gated, and you will receive it through NPCs and by participating in particular quests. In this instance, you will have noticed that Soul Ash is available on the adventure table which would make it very valuable to you. So if you want to get closer to that Legendary, then that is one way to do so.

As for the Soul Ash mission itself, this only tends to appear once a few of the Campaign Story Missions have been finished. Not to mention, it is a hard mission for you to complete as well. You will notice that it is of a higher level than other missions, and you may want to consider leveling up accordingly if you are going to overcome it.

If you are playing as either the Kyrian or Venthyr Covenant, then you will notice that Soul Ash adventures in World of Warcraft are difficult, something that has been a gripe for many players. Torghast was a hard task for players to get through with the sole reward being Soul Ash, which many would have considered harsh enough as it is.

Earning Soul Ash

If you have been struggling, then there is a way in which you can get through a Soul Ash quest rather easily. Specifically, the first quest is known as Breach the Planes whilst playing as a Night Fae has a simple strategy that you can use. This also works towards the Adventures: Into the Breach achievement that you may be working towards.

By playing as a Night Fae, you can simply put any Adventurer along the bottom row. Once you have done so, place Ardenweald Trappers in the other slots. The Bramble Trap ability that can be used will reduce enemy damage by 20% which can be stacked. This may be aimed at the Breach the Planes quest, but it can also be applied to other quests too when playing as Night Fae.

Sure, your sole focus may be to buy WoW gold or find someone who will sell WoW gold if those are the heights that you want to reach. However, Soul Ash can be a very valuable form of currency, especially if you are looking forward to getting Legendary WoW items down the line. With that in mind, there will be more strategies to come as the adventure table quests are challenged, but this should be enough to help get you started on the path to garnering Soul Ash.

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