Of course, the price of bus tours is different from traveling by plane, the trip is cheaper and there are many more places that are included in such tours, so many tourists choose this budget option. We propose to understand the features of traveling around Europe by bus in more detail.

Conveniently, you can go alone on a trip by charter bus Berlin as part of a group and meet fellow travelers on the way. Thus, you will always have someone close whom you can share your impressions with. Going to Europe for the first time, it is better to choose several countries with famous cities. As for night crossings, everything is individual: a modern bus offers comfortable reclining chairs, a TV, a toilet and a kitchenette, but it can not replace a complete rest in bed.


1. Low cost

Most bus tours are inexpensive compared to those that include air travel. Reasonable prices make this type of recreation and tourism one of the most popular types, especially among students and youth. It is noteworthy that some travel companies offer good discounts on bus services with night crossings. Therefore, if you are young, why not go on a tour by bus saving money for cultural events and entertainment?

2. Scenic view from the window

Traveling on city streets by bus is exciting — all the sights can be seen while on the go. For example, bus tours in Europe let you enjoy the view of many interesting architectural objects in several cities in a few days. So, if you want to travel to the wonderful world of unexplored discoveries for a week, then traveling by bus is for you!

3. The opportunity to meet new people

Why do many young people prefer bus tours to other types of travel? The answer is simple — these trips are not boring. Moreover, a long stay in a limited space with the same people contributes to getting acquitted with someone and keeping fascinating conversations. Often fellow travelers, having got to know each other better, quickly find topics for discussion: they discuss cities and countries, culture and features of the local population, national cuisine, share their own experiences and impressions.

4. Frequent stops

Despite the length of the trip, you can often relax and change the situation a bit. Buses often make stops for tourists to have a rest and use the bathroom. By the way, such breaks in movement helps to change the position of the body and let you breathe fresh air.

Little Tricks to Make the Bus Ride More Comfortable

Going on a trip, look at the weather forecast for those places that you plan to visit. Take comfortable, proven shoes only. Take an umbrella just in case. Slippers, a warm jacket, and woolen socks should be at hand. After all, no one will say how long the road will take.

When deciding on such a trip, it is important to consider all the nuances: age, state of health, psychological readiness for possible inconvenience. Feel healthy? Would you like to get a lot of emotions and impressions? Or maybe you miss-communication and unusual acquaintances? Well, go for it — the bus adventure is for you. If you decide to visit Bonn in  Germany, do check out our elaborate bonn germany things to do guide.